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Make No Room For Cognitive Dissonance



In the latter part of May 2024, the Federal Government of Australia passed its legislation for a new Digital ID system. Precisely, what is this new Digital ID system that they have concocted? If you are so inclined to learn about it, here is the official government website to tell you all that you need to know, of course, from their perspective:


This Australian Digital ID Law should have allowed for debate and fair discussion in Parliament. But sadly, no such thing happened. Instead, the legislation was quickly rammed through the system, which surprised some senators. However, some rather bold senators and officials in the Aussie government understand what it really is and have introduced a move to repeal the new regulation, citing ‘human rights’ concerns. I apologize if I come across as pessimistic and sounding like a “doubting Thomas.” But facts are facts, and honestly, I don’t see the law being repealed anytime soon, given the dark forces in high places opposing human rights. What I do see, however, is an apparatus or framework that is setting everyone up to receive a MARK of IDENTIFICATION with its pre-determined outcomes written about in the Bible at

Revelation 13:17. …that no one may buy or sell except one who has THE MARK or THE NAME of the beast or THE NUMBER of his name.

In brief, the 2024 Digital ID Law of Australia, sometimes referenced as “DiD,” will begin to see enforcement on December 1, 2024. Then, within 24 months (WITHIN  24 MONTHS; NOT IN 24 MONTHS), a Digital ID for every Aussie citizen will be fully phased in and rolled out for INCLUSION. The government defines INCLUSION on its website as:

1.  Reaching all individuals regardless of geographical location, socioeconomic status, disability, or other factors.
2. Ensuring provisions for equal access to digital services, benefits, and opportunities for all.

This new Digital ID is being celebrated as an all-inclusive ecosystem that aims to leave no one behind and provides equal opportunities of convenience and security for everything social. The legislation repeatedly stresses that taking the Digital ID is “voluntary.” But I have a question: Why would it be necessary to pass a Law for a Digital ID that is only meant to be voluntary? The answer seems quite evident. Initially, “voluntary” is government bait-and-switch doublespeak for the terms “mandatory” or “compulsory,” which will come later. However, to start, you can expect a business, large or small, to require its customers to submit a DiDDigital Identification to complete any transaction; otherwise, said customer must find somewhere else to do business. On this matter, Australian Senator Alex Antic is quoted as saying:

Its practical operation and the exceptions provided to Digital ID being voluntary will result in a Digital ID system that is, for all intents and purposes, mandatory if Australians wish to participate in society.

According to a social media post from an Australian man living in Iceland, a country that already has its own Digital ID system in place, the man posted this warning:

You can’t get power turned on, get a phone number, buy or register a car, rent or buy a house, or even buy certain items without having a digital ID. You need one…Australians, this is what’s coming for you.”

In brief, a customer's Digital ID is voluntary. Therefore, without a Digital ID, every person will find it increasingly more difficult in 2025/26 to pay for goods and services, including public and private transportation, banking and financial services, medical and hospitalization, communications, postal services, credit cards, restaurants, petrol or gas stations, grocery stores, retail and wholesale big-box brick-and-mortar stores, and the internet. What about employment in the public and private sectors? No problem. If you want payment from your employer, you will need a Digital ID because it will be linked to a Digital Payment System. This guarantees that all transactions will be tracked, and every non-participant in the Digital ID system will be separated from Digital ID participants sooner rather than later.

How can all this be enforced? Don't worry because they have this covered. Introducing ConnectID at, an initiative of Australian Payments Plus (AP+), bringing together Electronic Funds Transfer – EFTPOS, BPAY, and NPP Australia. And what is NPP Australia? It is the New Payments Platform – Australia's national fast payments infrastructure to facilitate data-rich, real-time payments and help set up Australia's digital economy for the future. Its participants include over 100 banks, credit unions, building societies, fintechs, and other organizations that use the platform to support real-time payments for consumers, businesses, and government agencies. Indeed, it shapes the future of buying and selling, leading everyone straight into Revelation 13:17.

Revelation 13:17.that no one may buy or sell except one who has THE MARK or THE NAME of the beast or THE NUMBER of his name.

With agreements in place between Connect ID and the commerce system, all “money”is “tokenized,” meaning programmable through a CBDC—a Central Bank Digital Currency issued by the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia). Of course, this will achieve the WEF (the World Economic Forum) goal of creating a Fourth Industrial Revolution that merges a living, breathing person’s biometrics with machines through AI (artificial intelligence). If this looks reasonably dystopian, no worries. It is. And it is already in the pipeline to begin in 2025. But let's say someone does not want the new Digital ID.

Can someone use cash? No, I’m sorry. The major banks of Australia are preparing the country to go cashless well before 2030. For example: All this is coming within 24 months of December 1, 2024. The world’s international buying and selling landscape will be digitally shaped through a Global Digital Compact, as the United Nations (UN) explains in their UN 2.0 documents at, meaning Australia is not the only player. America’s J.P. Morgan is introducing "PopID,” which you can find at

On July 1, 2024, New Zealand began promoting a new seal of their Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Authority

China’s Alipay is also in on the program with its international payment platform and social credit system, all rolled up into a seamless structure: In early March 2024, the World Bank Global Digital Summit met to discuss Accelerating Digital.


The President of the World Bank Group said,

“Once governments launch their digital identity schemes, they should be connected to private companies and existing infrastructures…so, if you want this to be embraced around the world, yes, get the infrastructure, get a digital ID. Get that going, and then move from there.” The WEF (the World Economic Forum) explains all this with their easily understood piece of graphic art.

From December 1, 2024, businesses will have up to 24 months to register by contacting the Australian Digital ID Regulator. If they don’t, they risk a massive fine for lack of compliance. The appointed Australian Digital ID Regulator will be tasked with enforcement authority across the corporate ecosystem.

Friends, the global fraud has already begun and is now spreading to all the world's governments and economies thanks to the UN (the United Nations), the Gates Foundation (yes —Bill Gates), and the Rockefeller Foundation. The agenda is called “50-in-5,” which aims to accelerate and establish international technocratic governance over fifty “first mover” countries (and adding more over time). This will be an all-inclusive system built on three foundational components: Digital ID, Digital Payments (like the CBDC), and Massive Data Sharing, all by 2028.


The new Australian Digital ID system, which comes into enforcement on December 1, 2024, is the apparatus and framework that is being set up to trick each person into making a deal with the devil, so to speak, and thus pull all the world’s willing participants straight into the jaws of the BEAST SYSTEM in a way that none of us have ever experienced or witnessed before. Indeed, this is a first in all of human history. It has NEVER been done before, which is why I think this is setting everything up for

Revelation 13:17.that no one may buy or sell except one who has THE MARK or THE NAME of the beast or THE NUMBER of his name. 

The system of Digital ID will trick everyone on earth into trusting the system for its CONVENIENCE, EFFICIENCY, REUSABILITY, PRIVACY, AND SECURITY. In trade, the system promises to grant each person the pleasure of trading, buying, and selling and the freedom to travel and do as one pleases.


The question is, what are you going to do? I recommend that you prayerfully PREPARE FOR THE COMING STORM beginning in 2025 and continuing through 2026. Be absolutely assured that it is coming to a city and town near you. Do what you must to prepare spiritually, physically, and emotionally as the Almighty Eternal One directs you.

In brief, I need to clarify something further.

I DO NOT know if this is the dreaded MARK of the BEAST. From what I know about the matter because I live and work in Australia, I can confidently say that this IS the apparatus shaping the framework for the dreaded mark. This is as much as I can say right now. A question that has come up is this: If any of us here in Australia should decide to register for the new Digital ID ("DiD") to survive the upcoming changes in the economic landscape beginning on December 1, 2024, can we, at our discretion, get out of it at any time that we wish to do so? After the fact, can we tell the government, "Please take your Digital ID back. I don't want it anymore"? Presently, it is not a risk that I want to take to find out. However, you may feel differently and this remains between you and your Master/Creator YHWH.

For those of you who might be asking, what is the difference between this new government Digital Identification system and any other identification we might possess, such as a driver's license, a passport, a birth certificate, a tax ID number, a social security number, etc.? Is there a difference? The answer is one hundred percent YES. The above documents (and many more like them) are NOT Evidence of Title documents in the sense of ownership of a Name or an Identity of a living, breathing person.

In the second part of my report, which will be posted soon, you will learn that the Digital ID is a conveyance number that defines ownership of a Name or an Identity. The Digital ID involves allegiance and title. The problem is that most people do not have the time to read through all of the documents defining the Digital ID from the UN, the World Bank, and the WEF and then study all the fine print from the legislation that many sovereign governments are being told to enact, and what they must do. And if they don't act according to the interests of their handlers, there will be consequences.

As I previously stated, Australia rammed this legislation through the Parliament in May 2024 without discussion or debate. It took many senators by surprise. Now, Australia is on the path to going cashless. The only upcoming option will be to use their Digital Payment System to pay for goods and services. If you want to work, your employer must pay you with digital cash through a digital payment system. This is why "Accelerating Digital" was the keynote topic at the World Bank Spring meeting in April 2024. It is likely that they will continue with this theme when they meet again in October of 2024.

Principally, the entire Digital ID system comes down to the question, to what or to whom will you give your allegiance and your loyalty? Remember, this world belongs to the BEAST SYSTEM, and this system is setting up a framework to secure your loyalty and allegiance. It will demand that you make your choice. It will say to you: if you want to work and play in this world, you must do it according to my policies and my rules. I can go on and on, but for now, I will stop.


If you wish to learn more about what the Bible and Scripture say concerning all of this, join me for Parts 1 and 2 of "The Spiritual Anatomy of the Digital ID: A Set Up for the Coming Mark and Image of the Beast."


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